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Var kan man köpa?


Svenska återförsäljare

Internationella återförsäljare

Näset & Vellinge 

Vellingeblomman - Vellinge

Fröken Foodie - Vellinge

ICA Toppen - Höllviken

Fotevikens Museum - Höllviken

Bloom by Blom - Höllviken

Solsäter Gårdsbutik Café & Bistro - Räng

Annedals gård - Räng

Växa produkter - Falsterbo torghandel

ICA Supermarket Skanör

Gessie Potatis - Gessie

Gessiekrokens trädgårdscafé -Gessie


ICA Malmborgs - Erikslust

ICA Hansa - Malmö

Cacaofoni - Malmö

Lanthandeln Mitt i Stan -

Malmö Saluhall


Ostbutiken Lilla Torg - Malmö

Tehuset Shiva - Limhamn

Julie Vinbar - Malmö

Utsidan - Malmö

Övriga Skåne 

The Food Barn - Lund

Fitness Fika - Helsingborg

Olof Viktors - Glemminge

Weinbergs Hotell - Trelleborg

Hörte Brygga - Hörte

Fulltofta Slott Event AB- Hörby





From Field and Flower, Borough Market - London, England

Sveriges Ambassad i Köpenhamn, Danmark

Summerbird, Copenhagen Airport - Danmark

Anna-Lottas Affär, Stäfa, Switzerland


Bidrottningen Experiences

Honey tasting – 90 minutes

Keen on learning more about the various flavours of honey and where they derive from? Please join us for a sensory evaluation of honey, a honey tasting. We will talk about how your senses interact in order to appreciate each honey sample and find out more about the flavours and your own preferences. If you happen to be a beekeeper we can also discuss how we go about our beekeeping practices and taking care of the honey from frame to jar in order to maximize quality. Get a group of at least 10 people (up to 80) together and we will come to you. We prefer it being outside of beekeeping season, which is May until end of September. Please make contact here or at +46 40 45 62 20 and we will come back with a quote to you (approx 300 SEK per person in general).

We have experienced that many people are keen to learn about beekeeping. We love the work in the apiaries and we are delighted to share our fascination for the bees and their communities. We have protection clothes and gloves for you, all you need to bring is a pair of rubber boots and your own lunch box. We will meet up at the first apiary at 10 am and be finishing off at around 4 pm. Available Mon-Sat from 15th of May until August 15th, at the 1 800 SEK + VAT. Please note, if the weather prevents us from visiting the bees on the agreed day, we will find an alternative day.

Beekeeper for a day - 6 hours

B2B – Find the potential in your own products

With 25 years of experience within the wine as well as honey industries, we have solid competence within the sensory evaluation field. Over the years, we have helped small scale food producers develop their products and find venues for them in further product development. Sometimes it is easier to approach the products and their unique qualities when you are not the producer yourself! Please do not hesitate to call us to discuss options.

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