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Sustainable honey from our own apiaries

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The Bidrottningen Approach

We have a hands-off approach in order to capture all the goodness that the bees produce. After all, they have perfected their methods over millions of years! Sustainable beekeeping as well as artisan honey, full of character, are the values that motivate us. We run 10 apiaries in the southwest of Sweden - specially selected locations where the bees can produce our rare honey varietals. 


About Us

Bidrottningen was founded in 2005, with the first few beehives being established in Räng. Now, we have 10 different apiaries in various locations around southwestern Sweden and a total of around 80 colonies. From beehive to jar, our prime focus is to produce premium honey, rich in character and positive qualities. 

We are proud to be a family business with two generations being devoted to maintaining Bidrottningen as a premium honey producer.